Membership of the SFBM

Becoming a Member

Membership is not available at the beginning of the program. After a while, as soon as the program will be established, we will offer a relatively cheap membership.


We will announce it within the lectures - so you might not miss it.

Advantages and Pricing

Advantages of becoming a Member

  • Additional lectures
  • Deeper dive-in into subjects
  • More space for questions
  • Personal coaching (optional)
  • Video-links to all finished lectures
  • Slides of all lectures
  • Additional content
  • Reduced prices for products


  • Regular fees - no subscriptions
  • About 100 Euros for 3 months

Process of Membership

How to become a member - and then?

  1. You fill out the membership form
  2. You will be let to a product page
  3. There you can buy the access-code
  4. Membership begins for a quartyear
  5. You will receive the access-link by mail
  6. There you will find
  • Further lectures
  • Download-links
  • Product offers
  • ...