School for Being - ME

Every first Saturday of the month on youtube.

First lecture: 7th of October 2023

About the Project

The project "" was started in the mid of 2023. The idea is to run a wide range educational online program about everything concerning life and self development.


Lectures are given as live online workshops using youtube. Everything discussed will be visualized by a virtual flipchart.


It is held in English, to give access to all people with online access, worldwide. The basic courses are for free. They will include just a small amount of time for answering questions an discussions.

About the Teacher/ Moderator

Michael Dahl is giving the seminars, workshops and coachings. He was born in 1968 in Berlin, Germany. Lifelong learning has brought him to studying:


Electronics, computer sciences, quantum physics, management, psychology, mythology, religious sciences, Buddhism, ZEN, KeieiDo, shamanism and much more - each of them in the very depth.


In 2011 Michael has founded a consulting company, focusing sustainable management and true leadership.

Prices and Time Table

At the beginning, the basic course takes place once a month, on Saturdays, for 1 1/2 hours. One hour will be in a form of a lecture. The remaining 1/2 hour is meant for questions, answers and discussions. This basic course is and will be for free.


As soon as the program will be well established, there will be a second line with deepened subjects, more space for questions, slides to download as well as video links to all finished lectures.

General Themes

  • Structure of the Human Psyche
  • Archetypes of Being
  • Being myself - and being alienated
  • What it means to be me
  • Finding myself
  • Ways to find myself
  • Integrational Life Leadership
  • Self-destruction
  • The Heroes Journey
  • Pathways and Dharmas
  • Age and patterns of behavior
  • The Master within

Specific Themes

  • Conflict Management
  • Peaceful Communication
  • Self-focused being
  • The idea of Yoga
  • Structuring life
  • Staying in Harmony
  • Controlling the stress level
  • The idea of Shamanism
  • Being in - and one with Nature
  • Yearly rituals
  • Being creative
  • Mindfulness

Management Themes

  • Life Management
  • Time Management
  • Leading myself
  • Leading and being led
  • Time for myself
  • Running Projects
  • Processes
  • Classical and agile planning
  • Family supervision
  • Solving conflicts within the family
  • Conflicts in business
  • Finding the Great Path